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Fire Tank Pros offers commercial and residential fire protection rainwater systems and services. Our company works hard to satisfy our clients every step of the way, from design & engineering to the actual construction of your fire protection rainwater systems. We can offer a full range of accessories and fittings so that your fire protection water storage tank meets your needs and performs to the highest standards.

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Dual-use Rainwater Systems

Pioneer Water Tanks are cost-effective for dual purposes and are approved for fire protection and drinking water storage. Dual service water storage tanks can be used for fire protection, irrigation, as a potable drinking water source, and more. Ensure adequate water supply is ready in case of an emergency with the appropriate fire connections for residential and commercial needs. This is typically achieved with two separate plumbing systems being implemented within the water tank. The plumbing pipe for separate use does not extend below the water elevation that is reserved for fire protection.

Our experts can deliver and install water storage tanks from 5,000 to 1,000,000-Gallons. Pioneer Water Tanks are backed by our industry-leading 20-Year warranty so you can rest easy knowing you have a water storage solution that will last.

Our Tanks

Tank Code
US Gallons
XL 04/02
11′ 0″
XL 08/02
15′ 5″
XL 13/02
19′ 9″
XL 15/02
22′ 0″
XL 23/02
26′ 4″
XL 30/02
30′ 9″
XL 40/02
35′ 2″
XL 50/02
39′ 6″
XL 50/03
39′ 6″
Custom Sizes
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If you are interested in our fire protection water tanks, contact our team for the best water storage tanks in Texas.

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